My goal as a Physical Therapist is improving athletic performance, especially in motivated, high level athletes/competitors. As a former college athlete, I understand the frustration that comes from when you can’t compete, work out, or perform because of injury.  Not only do I aim for quick recovery from injury, but work to prevent injuries from occurring altogether.

Services Offered:

Dry Needling:

Dry needling is a technique involving the insertion of thin needles directly into muscle spasms to stimulate a healing response. When a muscle is inflamed or over-worked, it can become “stuck” in the contracted position. This causes a chronic, self-propagating problem that keeps the muscle tight and dysfunctional. The muscle will be weaker, less flexible, and increase risk of injury. 60$ cash, 68$ credit/30minutes

Body Work/ Manual Therapy:

Body work/manual therapy uses a combination of physical treatment methods to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability; it most commonly includes joint mobilization and manipulation, passive stretching techniques, trigger point release techniques, soft tissue work and myofascial release techniques. 60$/30minutes

SFMA Screening:

SFMA is a set of seven full-body movement tests evaluated and scored in patients experiencing pain. The assessment breaks down dysfunctional patterns to find the root cause as a mobility or stability/motor control problem. Typically, manual therapies or corrective exercises will be used as treatment. 120$ per screen

TPI Golf Screening:

TPI Golf Screening is an individual assessment that targets bodily limitations and impairments.  This is a focused and specific functional screen that reveals how these impairments can influence the golf swing. The client is provided with education on how to address those limitations through swing instruction, physical rehabilitation or strength and conditioning exercise. 120$ per screen

Why Jamie Mey?

Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University

Physical Therapy License in MA & RI

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

SFMA Certification (Level 1)

Dry Needling Myopain Certification (Level 3)

Former Division I Collegiate Women’s Ice Hockey Player

CPR/AED Certified

TPI Golf Certification

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Certification (Nov 2018)

Emergency Medical Responder