Member Spotlight: Ray DiPinto


Congrats to Ray D. on the Member of the Month Spotlight!

Ray showcases what we love at Crossfit Woburn - attitude, dedication, and resiliency. Ray may be categorized as a "master" in the CF Open this year, but he will give anyone half his age a run for their money! Whatever you do, don't challenge him to a plank contest :)

Ray and his family are a huge part of what make CFW great. Check out a little more of what makes him tick in his write up:


What brought you to Crossfit Woburn?

My son, daughter, and son in law were all members at CFW. I was doing a variety of workouts including Crossfit. My wife and I decided to stop the other things and try Crossfit only. That was a year and a half ago, and we're still here.

What Changes have you seen since starting your CrossFit Program?

I have increased my strength and endurance. I track my workouts and have set some new PRs, and have improved times. I have learned some of the technical skills, while many more are still a work in progress.

What’s your favorite WOD?

I enjoy a good chipper like Dirty 30, or Filthy 50.

How about LEAST favorite WOD?

Nancy; no explanation needed!

How about favorite activity outside of crossfit?

Spending time with family and friends; and recovering for the next WOD.

What song is top of your WOD playlist?

AC/DC, Back In Black

Best Crossfit memory, if you had to pick one?

My best Crossfit memory repeats itself twice a year when we do "Murph". It was my first Crossfit WOD. It's the 'Hero WOD' that pays tribute to all heroes. And it's the workout that I get to do with my family. There's always an amazing turnout from the CFW families and friends that makes this such a great memorable event.

Superpower, if you had to pick one?

Youthful strength and flexibility. And bionic knees!

Anything extra about CFW to Share?

Crossfit has really been life changing. I have been involved in many different forms of workouts over the years, and for the total package, nothing compares to Crossfit and CFW in particular. The coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging; always willing to offer tips, advice, or individually scale a workout. Since day one, the members have always been welcoming and supportive. They are often the reason that I finish a WOD, instead of stopping before it's done. And where else would I get to workout on occasion with my whole family. My only regret is that Crossfit was not around when I was younger. At my age, you work hard enough for it to be effective, while knowing when to back off. Sally T. calls it 'Decay Control'! I hope that I can control it enough to be doing this for many years to come.