New Years Resolution:  Increased Mobility for Increased Performance.

The New Year is here, and like everyone, I like to set a few goals for the year to come. One of my goals this year is to place an added emphasis on mobility and range of motion. Increased mobility will lead to increased efficiancy in the foundational lifts, but most importantly keep us at a reduced risk of injury.  A hot topic in and out of the gym is shoulder health.  I’d like to provide you with 3 drills to help you get started with “Shoulder Mobility.”

Shoulder Mobility is a loaded subject, but one very important to CrossFitters. Through the years, I’ve seen huge issues come up due to lack of mobility. The issues can be seen as an inability to stabilize heavy loads overhead, or something like the dreaded shoulder impingement.

Here are 3 huge bang for your buck mobilizations to try today.

Drills-Watch the entire video before trying on your own.

Thoracic Spine Smash with PVC or Double Lax Ball duration: 2 - 5mins







I like to start here with the upper body stuff. If I am “Locked up” in the upper back, it's going to cause shoulder issues no matter what else I do.

While both the PVC and the Double Lax Ball have similar goals, they have a way different feeling. Make sure you do both.

Note the video, do not just roll up and back as fast as possible, go slow and go through flexion and extension. Once you work your way up the back, repeat with arms overhead.

Pec stretch with band duration 2 - 5mins







Place band about shoulder height, NOTE make sure keep shoulder from internally rotating, think about keeping your arm pit forward. Very common mistake.

Flexion External Rotation (Aka Front rack Stretch) duration 2-5 Mins







Band about hip height. make sure you keep your back hand facing away from the body. PULL your neck away from the band.  

Couple of closing comments/tips:

  • How can I test and make sure these are working? Trying doing one side and put both arms overhead. See if one is in a better position than the other.

  • Time yourself during drills. 2-5 mins per drill per left/right.

These drills are just the tip of the iceberg for starting a mobility plan. Range of motion AND stability are important together, and these drills are a great starting point for increased range of motion. If you would like a more customized approach to maintaining mobility, joint stability and health as well as injury prevention I would love to help.  I offer a FREE consultation/assessment to evaluate and discuss your needs.